Brisa Gel

Gel Nails ChesterCND Brisa Gel is a wearable, workable, flexible nail enhancement that goes beyond traditional gel for nails. Perfect, natural-looking, workable nails, flexible enough to go anywhere you want. Brisa is hypoallergenic: containing no acrylates, gluteraldehyde or formaldehyde. It’s also odourless, so it’s perfect for anyone that is sensitive to the smell of other gel nail enhancement systems. It’s like a coat of armour for the nails and the luminous shine is unparalleled.

Brisa is a permanent top coat applied to your own strong natural nails, or used over a tip/scuplts. Brisa creates strong, thin, light, natural looking nails. So beautiful, it’s hard to believe it’s gel. Brisa Gel is the perfect solution for nails that are brittle/dry,

Brisa Lite Sculpted Gel Enhancements

Brisa Lite Sculpting Gel is the first truly removable, gentle, light and superior sculpting gel that does not require filing or buffing of the natural nail and is removed gently in only 30 minutes! Brisa lite combines the superior performance of Brisa Gel but with the easy removal of Shellac. Resulting in a high performance gel nail system that can be soaked off in just 30 minutes. It’s kind to the natural nail whilst retaining superior performance that you want from a gel enhancement.

The perfect solution to those wanting long “natural” nails but need a little extra help! xDBDx