Acrylic Nails Chester

When the words “nail extensions” are mentioned, most people automatically think of acrylic nails, that’s due to the fact that they are still the most popular type of nail extension. CND L&P acrylic nails are the perfect solution for nails that are flexible or soft.

CND Liquid & Powder has been formulated to give you long lasting, lift resistant acrylic nail enhancements that can be worn long, sleek and natural looking. wear them clear and natural, with colour or go for a custom blended Forever French enhancement made just for you….perfect for an extreme transformation. CND Shellac Power Polish can also be worn over enhancements for the hardest wearing glossy colour and infinite effects.

Acrylic Nails In Chester

Natasha at DBD is a CND Master Architect which gives you the assurance that your acrylic nail enhancements will be created by someone trained to the absolute highest standards in the nail industry.


CND Acrylic nail extensions


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